Reconstructing Dee – Attainable Update

  • get dressed
  • clean inside fridge
  • get in food shop and put away

I brought in on my own and opened the door to driver. I managed to even return something back to the driver

  • cut grass

I managed to strimmer and mow the front and back gardens. I started to feel the pain when I would bend to remove grass box and pick up leaves. I was starting to Tin Man

  • sort girls junk in rooms, left over from when they moved out

I managed to sort the small room, I’m still not happy with results and there is still lots to do

  • eat SW today – a little difficult as I’m already feeling a little sick and I don’t have ingredients for breakfast

So far so good, I’ve taken my photos for my food diary and I’m on 6 syns. I’m going to bed early as I’m so sore so I reckon I will take a couple of cough candy’s up with me while I watch some telly. Food has been enjoyable also: fake McMuffin for brekkie: slow cooked chili with tabbouleh salad for Dinner: tub of Candy Floss (who love’s candy floss? Dee love’s candy floss!)

  • write on meals planners
  • Find a song which is going to make me go into full Mrs. Doubtfire mode (I doubt dancing around to ‘dude looks like a lady’ will help my body confidence issues

Not found a song, but love the new soundtrack: a star is born and also Bad Girlfriend song by Anne-Marie

  • prioritize lists (I need a list for my lists!) write on lists that if I can tackle it now not to put it off. I find I will put stuff on a list that does not have to wait or belong on a list to be sorted (like writing down milk onto grocery list or calling a family member)
  • Redesign my chore chart with realistic goals and colour the importance of daily tasks that need to be carried out for my mental health to stay in the step forward direction and not steps back

Looks like I won’t be getting much done tomorrow as my body is screaming at me, so hopefully I can do laptop stuff whilst comfortable then ( I would cross my fingers if they didn’t hurt so much)

Additional positives

  • I made food today for me and daughter
  • I had a soak in bath, unassisted
  • I washed and dried up


Signing off

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