Reconstructing Dee – Attainable

[uhtey-nuh-buh l]

Today’s focus is prioritizing. I have my youngest coming round today, so I can try and do the outside jobs which need addressing and take in the home shopping being delivered. I think it would be best to write a entry about my agoraphobia and my personal experiences of how it effects me daily and the complications I face.

I experience a lot of pain in my legs and after sitting longer than normal yesterday writing in my journal and researching printers, the pain and twitches I felt and feel today are still with me. I’m glad I am planning a relatively active day (for me) . Hopefully the burning and pressure feeling will ease so I can spend some time on laptop later.

So plan today is

  • Get dressed
  • clean inside fridge
  • get in food shop and put away
  • cut grass
  • sort girls junk in rooms, left over from when they moved out
  • descale the kettle
  • eat SW today – a little difficult as I’m already feeling a little sick and I don’t have ingredients for breakfast
  • write on meals planners

This should be achievable.  My pain feels manageable so far but I’m feeling a little optimistic about achieving a full tick sheet today as I have company and my motivation is at 5/10

The more I sit and feel the uncomfortable feeling in my legs whilst writing, my mood starts to quickly spiral. I am so far from a clean house and I can smell mildew and fustiness which is driving me bonkers. I absolutely love the smell of cleaning products and a clean home , I feel really good when I have cleaned and the smell wafts through the house. So let’s keep that as my focus

  • Find a song which is going to make me go into full Mrs. Doubtfire mode (I doubt dancing around to ‘dude looks like a lady’ will help my body confidence issues)

Tonight I am going to try to

  • prioritize lists (I need a list for my lists!) write on lists that if I can tackle it now not to put it off. I find I will put stuff on a list that does not have to wait or belong on a list to be sorted (like writing down milk onto grocery list or calling a family member)
  • Redesign my chore chart with realistic goals and colour the importance of daily tasks that need to be carried out for my mental health to stay in the step forward direction and not steps back

Let’s move my lovelies

Mrs. Euphegenia Doubtfire

Signing off

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