Reconstructing Dee – Purpose Update

  • set a hour timer to write why you are doing this
  • fold and put away laundry

I have managed to clear away chest top of clutter in the bedroom and sort/ put away the laundry in there, I have folded and put away laundry from chair

  • get dressed

I have managed to get dressed – but not brushed teeth, hair or washed, and there is the  negativity. Something I am going to stop and control on my update page, because that’s really the only place I have the control. Who knows censoring the negativity in this way may have a positive effect towards acceptance?

  • return the odds and sods laying about to their correct places

I have cleaned the odds & sods from the kitchen

  • cut the grass
  • write that list of overwhelming stuff in my head down, so I can prioritize and tackle it
  • really read a coping with depression article and go from there.  No scoffing at “if it was only that easy” thoughts in my head and then searching for how my depression is different  to what they are talking about. It hasn’t been easy and I know it won’t disappear but knowing this and finding the strength to embrace this is and try to make it easier, is the direction I want to go in
  • So tonight let’s find a article which helps me recognize the positives, however small I feel they are

Additional positives

  • I have eaten : Don’t be negative, Don’t be negative – not slimming world suitable food but I’ve eaten
  • I have pulled in my neighbors recycle bin and have swapped incorrect black bins back – A big well done for going out and doing this as I always get husband to bring in bins if they have been left

  •  I have emptied the house bins
  • I have researched and ordered my new printer
  •  I managed to watch a show with my husband


Signing off

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