Venting Sep 22

You going to hook up was all about you your cares your needs making yourself feel better because obviously being with me is not good enough to make you feel good.
You have your moments but I guess I’m not edgey enough especially lately. Lately I have not wanted to share any fetishes with you.  I have not wanted to ask any more about the dog fetish. Especially after seeing that you have been watching those videos. You have a strong stomach for watching a lot of disturbing crap. And that turns me off even more.

I guess that’s what you are afraid of. You are afraid that I would reject you for the fetishes that you like. If you had only brought up all this stuff earlier then we could have split up sooner instead of dragging things out. Instead of you making me think that you want a relationship with me. You don’t want a relationship you just wanted a Disturbed depraved person who is an experimentalist .

How could you ever insinuate that you want a future with me. you have a pretty good idea of the kind of person that I am.   what I am into and what I’m not.   what my boundaries and limitations are. You have very few boundaries and limitations. You are into far more disturbing things than I could ever watch or take part in. We did not and do not make a good match. But you have not been willing to acknowledge this to me.  This has made me feel super conflicted that you have not wanted to let me go. You continue being very sweet with me. I don’t like rejection, and noone else does. However I feel miserable every day I have ups and down I like never before because of you.
You would need at least a couple of different people to feed your needs. You are an attention whore. Not mine like you said. You want to be anyone’s attention whore. I bet if someone else were to offer their feet to you you would the week enough to not fight the urge to not resist but instead you would worship their feet and then take your little secret to the grave. Yes that’s how depraved you are.

I was okay with both of us using each other to pass the time. As long as we were respectful. But you had to turn it into something else. You had to be all super mushy and sweet and lovey-dovey.

that totally kills the desire to want explore the dog fetish with you in any way whatsoever. Thank you for slowly killing my desire to follow up on fetishes with you. Are you starting to realize that I’m becoming less and less of a person that you could possibly have fun with. We started out great. I was a very open minded and tried things that I was uncomfortable with at first but I got used to them.

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