Another Goodbye

My friend’s son just called and invited us to come see his dad one more time.  He has 4 types of cancer and is down to days to live.  This would be easier if my Mom hadn’t died less than a month ago.  Woody is 88, in hospice at home. His son has been his caregiver 24/7.  That’s some real devotion!  God have mercy on Woody.

4 thoughts on “Another Goodbye”

  1. It’s quite emotional, but can somehow be fulfilling to be affording the opportunity to say a final goodbye to somebody when they are still mentally capable and aware. Yes, it’s very sad. But to not say goodbye is worse. To not say goodbye means you may forever regret not having done so. There may be tears, perhaps not much will actually need to be said as both of you understand the reason for the visit.
    When he is gone, you will be filled with the serenity of knowing you parted as a caring friend, without final words left unsaid.
    It will never be easier my dear. Each final wish is unique, strong and different. It may seem it would be easier if the timing were different, and just maybe the sadness wouldn’t feel as if accumulating. But this one may give you a different kind of peace, when it is done.

  2. It really is, Woody must be a great person a love his father very much. The previous commenter can say more and in an a lot better way than I can, but I’d like to let you know that you’ll all be in my prayers. Best of wishes.

  3. @Max, your words are just as valid and nice to Savedbygrace as any. I know she appreciates them just as much if not more. They come from your heart.

  4. You are both precious. You both encourage me very much, and I thank you from my heart.

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