Back to it.

I need to go back to being more lady like as well   I love being a woman and although I may not be totally girly I do embrace my womanhood snd I like to look like one  It’s nice to get dolled up for something    I may be all.dressed up.and no where to go  But it still makes me feel kind of pretty   


3 thoughts on “Back to it.”

  1. your gorgeous babe! love those shoes by the way. you should get dolled up more often. even if you got no where to go. Making your self feel pretty does a lot to your self esteem! embrace the inner paris hilton in you

  2. Hey, it’s good to do that even for yourself. It feels nice to look nice. And you’re more than kind of pretty.

  3. I’m more of an inner bettie page. I need to go back to embracing that as well I love everything pin up. And used to dress like I was from the 50s. My hair was awesome.

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