day ten

Wednesday schedule is awful.

There are two subjects I don’t like in this semester and both of them are on wednesdays. Luckily a part of the first lesson was canceled because the professor is sick and we had longer break but we got some new homework and the two things kind of canceled out each other. I went to lunch at the same place with the same people. After that we had maths. The professor doesn’t actually teach us anything, he just talks and talks while scrolling through his power point presentation. My brain hurts from listening to him and not understanding what he is saying. Everything is overcomplicated and even when I think I know something he proves me wrong immediatley.

I spend a lot of time in the shower. I could be there for hours, just standing there while warm water runs down my body, alone with my thoughts. Probably because that is one of the rare times I can have some privacy. It can be very hard having it when you share a room with your friend and also have the same lessons as him. But then again is spending time in the shower thinking good for me? Honestly I’m not sure. It’s good because I can think and clear my mind, but everything I think about makes me feel bad. I feel worse after showering than before. I come out sad, depressed and pessimistic about my life. I’ll have to reevaluate this long showers problem and find a solution for it



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