also,  So began my interest in the Unknown.  I was going to church,  I was a catechism teacher at my 14th.  My Beliefs grew. Visit many churches, looking for my answer,  looking for my Call. no,  I didn’t want to be a catholic.  But it bothered me that they criticized it.  So Get away from Me.  off the church;  Not from God.  God always served as father to me,  for my earthly  father shone by his absence.  My youth was beautiful,  sad when we have to be strong,  even if we want to cry.  I’ve always had kids around Me. We were doing exercises,  drawing,  and Had.  Without realizing it,  I took care of Them.  Always Smiling.  Many friends tell me;  I recognized you by your smile;  Funny I realized that if!  Always Smiled.  and It is because even in my despair,  I feel an immense peace in my heart.  And I say to myself, only God gives peace,  and I rejoice in ‘ because he does not let me go.  He’s got me hold on tied to his hand.

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