I’ve never really had to question my sexuality since the moment I realized I was gay. This was right about when I was in my early teens “12-13.” 

Ive always known I loved and appreciated the art of makeup whenever I encountered a beautiful girl that was beautifully put together. In all honesty, back then I never in a million years would think I would end up in the beauty industry as a Hairdresser/Makeup Artist. 

Growing up as I was becoming a young man, I experimented sexually with numerous men.  I have always been  pretty open with my promiscuous way of life and those closest to me knew that aswell. Jokingly, my friends and I have a pretty vulgar way of messing around with each other which really helped in not being afraid to try many taboo sexual gay practices. 

However even though I was pretty open and accepting of myself there has always been a big empty void in my heart which I havnt figured out the reasoning behind. 

I would say right about my mid twenty’s I started to wonder about dressing up. I even considered giving drag a shot. At that time I was living in Las Vegas and had a prettt social and public life due to the fact that I was heavily partying and happen to work at two different gay clubs. 

I always enjoyed watching the transformation process with some of my performing friends and one night I was at my friend Tommy’s “who was one of my coworkers at a club.” I really opened myself up and asked him to dress me up and do an official drag transformation. 

Instantly I felt this inner confidence that I periodically failed to up keep. It’s almost as if once that wig was plopped on my head the real me left and a fierce and alluring alter ego diva took over. Best way to describe this feeling would be to compare it to Beyonce and how her stage persona is identified as Sasha Fierce. 

I hope I don’t come off as a narsacistic, self centered douche but, just looking at me would be it for you because you would more than likely be awed by the beauty that’s unlike any regular hot chic. The feeling you get when being in the presence of my alter “lets call her Sasha” Thanks Queen Bey 😘 is like encountering a mythical fairytale creature that only exist in movies or urban legends like the mermaids that would scerenarte pirets. 

Any who, i’m getting a bit off topic here… I know i’m not transgendered because I identify as a gay male. But I’m going to be 100 here when I say I love the feeling I get when dressed up. 

Being a cosmetologist only makes my character 10 times better to the point where i’m passable as some sort of sex vixen that men want to play with. That being said I opened up a new chapter in my sex life. 

I have been practing sex with straight men that I meet on social dating apps. It started off as a little expiriment to see if If my craft was really a work of art or if it was just all in my head. To my surprise it was a reality. 

After my my first encounter I realized that this is a whole different side of me that has been aching to come out. 

I don’t know where this will ultimately take me but I do know one thing. And that is i’m more than confident I will ride this ride till this little stage i’m having dies out. 

If you like this journal entry of mine I would love for you to keep an eye out for me cause it only gets better from here when I post more personal life experiences of my scandalous promiscuous ways and I learn more about myself and learn how to be an adult in this crazy world we live in today. 

Xoxo Alrer Ego 

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