Feeling Good Today.

I felt really energetic and happy today and I don’t even know why. It was nice, though. Maybe it was the caffeine. The weather was good for once as there was no rain or clouds and the temperature was below 80 degrees, so I went outside with a glass of water and read the same book I’ve been reading for a while. Wren gave it to me. It was pretty calm out, besides the perpetual yapping of one of our neighbors’ dogs behind the fence. The dogs are thankfully very small and cute, so it’s not like they were ready to tear my head off if there wasn’t a barrier between us. The ones (there’s like six of ’em) to the right of my house are actually very sweet, I’ve met them before and my dad’s friends with the guy who owns them. It’s really the guy’s wife who owns them LOL.

It’s also National Coming Out Day today, or maybe it’s tomorrow? I remember it being somewhere along the lines of that date because I thought it was a day after my birthday and was laughing my ass off about it last year for whatever reason. If you’re LGBTQ, good luck on coming out if that’s what you’re planning on doing. Don’t feel pressured to.

I didn’t really want to do anything, but my mom was being an absolute mother hen and invited Zane over this weekend and I feel bad because he’ll probably feel obligated to get me something and he might not even want to see me. That’s OK, though! I just hope he won’t be too miserable.

That’s about it for me… I hope you’re doing well. How was your day?

One thought on “Feeling Good Today.”

  1. hi max! i always enjoy reading your entries. whenever i read them it makes me feel so different yet so calm, it’s weird really, but it feels nice. i hope you will continue to write as long as you feel comfortable.

    my day was also nice, we had a math quiz which i failed because i suck at math but it’s okay, everyone is so used to me failing maths that they don’t even get mad anymore, lol.

    i hope zane won’t be too miserable or else it’s gonna get real awkward. good luck with that!

    i am glad you had a nice day, i hope it goes that way for you!

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