I am here for me only

I’m getting ready to board a day long flight, contrary to paranoid untrusting others, I still am where I said I was. That doesnt matter any longer. The one thing I love about long flights is I dont have to talk or converse with anyone. 


I’ve given up on caring about alot of things. I am ready to go home and just let my thoughts be with me and not thinking about others that hurt me. I’m sick of thinking of where they are, what their doing, why they refuse to put in effort and all the negative they have caused and created. I was never am angry person. I never yelled or screamed, it’s going to take alot of work, but now that they are truly gone I can focused on letting go of the resentment and anger I have surrounding them. It will be good for me. So long as I can stay positive and breathe through the rough patches. 

I can move on knowing my life was happier and I knew myself before and only before i met them. 

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