Let it go

I think I need to let it go a bit.  She is dealing with her issues.  She knows how I feel.  She needs time and space, not from me specifically, but the time necessary and the mental space to deal with issues that have nothing to do with me.  Or maybe … they have more to do with me than I realize because she wants something her and I just can’t have right now.

I’m driving myself a little crazy with worry and waiting.  She’s gone away before, and she came back heart and soul even when she had no idea at the time I was still here for her.  This time she knows without a doubt I wait for her with open arms, so I hope that lowers her stress.

But my stress is high, so I need to somehow let go of that a little.  Let go, and sit back, and just relax and wait.  She’s worth it.  Of all those I’ve known, she is most worthy because she gives me so much.  She gives from her heart, from a place I don’t think anybody else has ever seen.  And in that place she has felt my touch.  She has told me I know her like no other ever has.  So I have faith, and I have hope, and I have love.  And that is all I need right now.

Yours, my Angel.  Always. 


4 thoughts on “Let it go”

  1. I have found with age and time that a person is more likely to come back if they feel they are at risk of losing someone. If she knows you are there and not going anywhere then she may actually stay gone longer…knowing that time isn’t an issue. Does that make sense. I haven’t read ahead so I have no idea if she is back yet. Reading on…

  2. @Vicki, it is possible. I also know with her though, if I pressure her, she feels worse because she can’t give me what she thinks I need from her, and it pushes her down even deeper. So I give her all the time she needs, and just remind her that she is beautiful and good and worth it, and that I’m just a moment’s touch away, always. What she needs to deal with has nothing to do with me, so it needs to unfold for her as it can, and I need to just standby and support when and where I can. I think at some level she feels a comfort knowing that. When she comes back, she always cries because I waited, and admits that she is glad that I did wait.

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