Computers in the Cockpit (school assignment)

Computers have always been in the cockpit of airplanes. But is it time to remove pilots from the cockpit and replace them with computers inside? I don’t believe so. Much like phone computers need to be updated because of bugs. So what happens when you updated the computer and there is a glitch in the system? You can’t do much because there is not human factors in the plane to stop it for crashing and killing not only the people in the aircraft do the bystanders on the ground. In F16s there is a system that stops impending intersections with terrain but it give control back to the pilot after missing the terrain. In Ricard Anderson article, He states that the fighter pilot can be more focused on the mission and not on if they will hit a mountain in crash. But again it’s a computer and computer can be hacked. What is to say people create a software to hijack planes in mid-flight?  People have been hijack UAS like stealing candy from a baby. A University of Texas student successfully nabbed a drone from the Department of homeland Security (Lecher). And in 2011 a drone crash in Iran by using and electronic attack to force it down (Blair). Moving forward in the technology world with aircrafts can cause more harm than good.

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