school and others

i really felt like writing an entry, so here i am. 

there were 3 comments on my last entry and i really appreciate all of them, thank you guys for reading and trying to help me with my problems. also, user “savedbygrace”, i think it’s really amazing that you are such an amazing christian. thanks for giving that receipt, it really is inspiring. 

i, myself, am not that religious to be honest. but i have always been interested in it, and seeing people who are very loyal to their religion really makes me feel great. i don’t know why, it’s probably weird. 

oh also, i have a question for you guys. 

do you think it is possible to develop romantic feelings for someone you have never met in real life and know so little about? my friend has been going through something similar to this and i want to know what you guys think about it. 

school is nice, i guess. classes are hard and boring most of the time, and i always find myself daydreaming or deep in thought instead of listening to the teacher, but i just can’t help it. my thoughts always shift to something else and i just get lost in them. 

also, why the heck is french so hard?! i can’t do french anymore, i quit. IT’S SO HARD. i don’t understand a single thing. i will have to study really hard for the exam or i will miserably fail. 

my friend has a “fanbase”. sounds absurd, i know, but some freshmen love and adore her deeply and i think it’s cute in some way. i wish people liked me like that too, but i don’t get much attention from those who are around me. i am used to being “invisible” though. 

yesterday, i was home alone and i was feeling really bad, listening to slow songs and well, although i am embarrassed to say that, i was crying. i tried to boost up my mood by singing upbeat songs and everything but it just didn’t help. 

my mom came home and noticed me crying, so we had a talk with her for almost an hour, and i’ve gotta say; it felt SO good. i usually can’t open up with people easily, but she is my mother after all and i know she will love me no matter what, so it was really easy and calming to tell her my worries. she even told me that if i ever wanted to see a therapist, i could! so ever since yesterday i am feeling a bit better. it’s nice, really, to have such an amazing mom. 

also i realized that i love this place. this website is full of positivity and love, it makes me feel really, REALLY nice. i don’t interact with many people because school keeps me really busy nowadays, but i will try and read many entries and comment whenever i have free time. 

everyone is so nice here and even though we all have our own problems, we always try to help each other out and i think it’s amazing. i love this website and yeah, i don’t want to be cheesy. 

anyway, i will see you guys sometime soon. take care, love you!

3 thoughts on “school and others”

  1. Oh yes, it’s completely possible to generate strong feelings for somebody you have never met. I think the sharing of minds can be very real and very deep through written word (online) and I think often you can know somebody better that way than in person. Not to say it’s true of all, most, or even some you might know, but in real life it can be at only a very superficial level you get to know somebody. It’s easier to hide some things in real life (though not others of course).
    There are those who can argue that being very close to somebody requires a real time presence. And that may very well be the case for them, and what they believe, and I respect their opinion. But for me … it doesn’t need to be real time.

  2. Savedbygrace has commented on my entries and I’ve seen them on others’, too, she definitely seems like a very nice lady!
    I think developing romantic feelings for someone you’ve met online is possible, it’s probably just like developing platonic feelings. People get crushes on celebrities all the time even though they don’t actually know them, they just know what they’ve shared with the public. So it’s probably a bit similar to that, too.
    I’m not taking French, but I’ve heard my dad and a few others online talk about how weird the language is, so good luck! LOL.
    ‘Ey, don’t be embarrassed to admit you were crying. Keeping it in can make you feel worse, so it’s great that you had that talk with your mom! She sounds sweet.
    I love this website, too, it’s just so fantastic how everyone can connect and be so accepting without seeing each other’s faces.

    Bye! I hope you have a good night/day.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words about me. I believe very deep feelings can develop online. I had a lady friend I never did meet face to face and we were best friends for years until she died of cancer. Romantic love could be just as likely online. One has to be careful. I have to say that, being a mother (smile). I think that it is wonderful you can talk to your Mom, Dakota. That is pretty rare. She must be something special, and I KNOW you are, from your journal. God bless you!

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