Thursday, October 11th, 2018

Yesterday was a kinda random day. School was shit as always, I never like it. We did scrap booking in art club and it was kinda weird, I’m not good at it. But last night was terrible, yet awesome at the same time. I had a cosplay call last night, I was Jade Harley and there was a Dave Strider (These two characters are sometimes shipped together), and we decided to be kinda cutesy last night. Well, we ended up getting out of cosplay after a while, there were three people left on call at the time (me, the Dave, and Ava). We’ll call them Asa for this. Asa has a green mowhawk, which they look absolutely adorable in, and the sides are brown. Their seventeen years old, and we spent half the night (after Ava clocked out) talking and getting to know each other, and I even asked them out. They don’t live to far away, which is a good thing, I wouldn’t want them living in like Europe or something, it’d make it a bit more difficult to be together. They’re so cute and I love them, I just love them.

Skylar’s birthday passed by and I kind of feel guilty since I didn’t get to do anything for them, they say it’s okay but I don’t know. I just really miss them and I want to see them so badly. They are so sweet and I just really really miss them.

On Tuesday I went to see my new therapist. She’s really nice, and really wants to help me with my dysphoria, and depression too. She is so sweet. She asked me stuff like my preferred pronouns and name. She even let me openly talk about my novel for a good bit. I’m going back next Thursday and I honestly can’t wait.

This Saturday is our school’s homecoming dance and I’m going, with the convincing that my friends have done. I’m not the most excited about it. No date, no outfit, no will to live. I’m not the biggest fan of dances since at the last one I went too, I had a panic attack and had to stay at a friend’s house for the night. I could not be left alone.

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  1. Keep writing, David. I’m excited about your novel!

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