Wednesday October 10th

OMG, I am taking off tomorrow. It actually helped my mood some today knowing I didn’t have to be at school tomorrow. That place is a goddam zoo. I am so fucking OVER it. Fucking fights everywhere, all the time. Admin? Uh, what the fuck do they do? Nothing. Fucking nothing. I am still seriously considering taking a leave. I need to figure out what I’m doing. We have 140 more days with kids. I honestly don’t know how I will survive. Maybe blowing a lot of sick days. I have 2 more emergency days after tomorrow, and I have 2 more personal days. I will definitely take all of those. I hate to spend my sick days, but damn, I just don’t think I can do it. I know I’m going to end up coming to blows with that fucking department chair, too. I really cannot deal with dumb ass adults right now. The dumb ass kids are killing me. When my principal threw me under the bus when I got into it with the dept chair, that was pretty much the final straw. I really hope I can get another job. Surely to shit I can get a job somewhere. 

I went to my new place tonight and built the kitchen cart. It took about an hour or so to do. It looks pretty good, I think. I need to go to Home Depot or Lowes and get some wooden drawer pulls for it. My place is NASTY. I need to go over there and SCRUB. I guess I can do that Saturday some and Sunday some. I have big plans tomorrow to buy stuff- the recliner in Lawrenceburg and the bookshelves in Richmond. I still need an end table. I wanted that little cherry table but the guy doesn’t seem to want to sell it too bad, since he won’t respond to my messages. Ugh. I just have to be patient, then, if I can’t get that one and wait for one I like. I LOVE that cabinet I’m getting for my bedroom. 

I could have cried at school today after that end of the day fight. I am just so exhausted with that place. I feel like I might have a complete melt down. 

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