Bad friends

Today as well as every other day I get such feelings of anger and wanting to be alone, not wanting friends. My self proclaimed best friend takes everything I try to make money on because she has to have it all. If I make her pay she acts like shes doing me a favor, when I could have sold it elsewhere more easily without the hassle or someone making me feel bad for not giving it for free. I’ve heard her talk about other people who she has bought things from because she couldnt bully them into giving her their product for free. She says she was doing them a favor by buying from them. I have to hide things I sell now and I’m pretty sure if she sees them she finds a way to cost me a sale. She asks me if I think people will actually show up when we are scheduled to meet and tries to get me to back out on deals. Which would make me look bad. I’m so dang sick of it but she will not take hints and if you tell her how it is, she is terrible. It’s easier to just not do anything. I want to scream. God gave me talents that I no longer enjoy or can benefit from. Because of her

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