just another day in my life

well to day I’m not gonna rant cause it is Friday and who don’t like Friday. My last block today is photography we just worked on  photos we took this week and talked about them and went over settings  and talked about how we did it wrong and how we can make them better  here is a few I took this week

my other skate shoes
rodeo time
just work

getting dark

mud room
more fun
here he comes
Tedder Time

my skate shoes
having fun
coming soon
my view

After school got home Dad went to roping practice I went to the skatepark and then meet him to rope I caught it for showing up in my shorts t-shirt and skater shoes to rope it so funny not like I wore my shoes long anyways the old men pick at me so much roping in shorts socks and T-shirts it is so funny and I know they are just picking at me. They always say they can pitch in to but me long pants and shoes. I roped with dad in a little jackpot we won a 150.00 each of course my half has to go in savings for college cause that was a mom rule. Home put up horses feed and then shower just another day in the weird teens life.

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