Reconstructing Dee – Kind update

  • Get set up comfortably
  • Take care of some of them sit chores – laptop clean, phone clear down, pinterest sort etc..

I came to a standstill when I tried to tackle an unexpected over payment letter

  • Move hourly
  • Do small mini chores for 15 mins
  • Sort odds bag from yesterday
  • Get sisters items ready for her to collect
  • Put away drying up
  • Cook tea
  • Bathroom pick up
  • Eat SW meals

So far so good, Lunch: Left over chilli with rocket salad, Dinner: SW beef chow mein both meals Delicious

I was doing well – Deconstructing [kahynd] entry

Additional positives…

  • Cleaned hob
  • Bleached Clothes
  • Washed up
  • Invited my sister in for a cup of tea and chat and she was here for over a hour – Good


Signing off

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