day twelve

Lessons yesterday were good. One part of the lesson was going to a museum, it wasn’t that interesting but it ended early then having all the lessons would so we could go back home for the weekend quicker. When I came home I went to ikea with my parents to get some sfuff for the uni flat. Afterwards we went to dinner and in the evening I just relaxed at home.

I’m having hard time thinking what to write here because I’m slowly getting in the college routine and the ammount of work I have is increasing. I might stop writing these daily. It takes me 45 minutes to write a daily journal and on some days words simply won’t come and I’ll be sitting in front of my computer trying to think od something while I could (and probably should) be doing school work or something imperative. Also, it’s becoming more and more like a chore to write every day instead of being a plesure, a way to express myself that it was on day one.



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