just me babbling

well it was a long boring day rain all day so far like 4 inch but dad said we had like 5 more inches coming. So stuck in the house decided to go through pic I took  I have over 10,000 pictures for real 10,000 and over 5,000 videos so I decided to sort them by category like rodeo,tractors,landscape,skatepark,cows,junk,and so on not sure what to do with them but gave me something to do while it rained. I haven’t even got dressed to day, dad thinks I’m sick are depressed but nothing to do cause of the rain besides he had to go check water gaps  so what does it matter to him if I just lay around and type on the computer. I don’t do much social media because it is boring. I guess that’s  part of what makes me a weird teenager  no social media, no video games, not much TV, of course that list could get long.

I did go to the barn and we had a cow having a calf that is always kinda cool to see

well not if you have to help sometimes you have to pull the calf are reach in and turn it around it is as gross as it sounds but what you have to do sometimes,I even got my arm stuck in there once for real and the cow got up and walked around dad all most died laughing at me. . I have those kind of pictures to but didn’t think to many want to see them. Mom always said every kid needs to see how god brings live in to the world but I’m sure somebody would have a problem with it these days.

I guess maybe anybody that reads this may be figuring out I live on a ranch I just don’t completely fit in cause of the skater thing but I like the ranch and the farm part I love driving the tractors mom said it is a guy thing.


But mom drove them as much as me and dad she would be up and gone  before dad finished feeding in the morning and be working in the field all day then come home and fix dinner when I was little she took me on the tractor all day and would tell dad I got this go do your own thing. Then she spend the day telling me about all the things there was to do and see in the world.When I got older mom started taking me to do and see other places like the museum, theater, all that stuff and then we drove past a skatepark and she said you should try that and well that was my new handout. Mom always said you got learn to be who you want be and be that person .Mom always said there was a whole would besides the ranch and I was going to see it then if I still wanted to be a rancher that was fine. I never figured out why she did some of the things she did because she loved the ranch as much as dad and me too, mom didn’t wanted me  to be on the ranch 24/7 like she was when she was my age even though she loved it. She said when she was in college she couldn’t wait to get back to the ranch. She even spend a summer in England and france. Dad spent a few year rodeoing for a living and  college of course he never left his family ranch when they got married well his family ranch is next to moms family ranch  so when they got married it became one ranch I guess or will someday cause I don’t have any aunts or uncles.

I guess I babbled enough for now

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