thoughts before starting the day

Dear Journal,

My room is in a mess today and its full of papers. My mind is full of my “to-do-list”. I also worry about two packages I ordered online that did not arrive even until now. The deadline of midterm grades is coming soon and I have not yet finished checking papers. My mom wants me to go home to spend time with family for the weekend, however I feel dizzy of travelling long distances by land, and I want to relax this weekend. Last weekend, I was not able to accomplish the things that I have to do because it was my nephew’s birthday. I have to go to the market today so that I have stock of food for lunch and dinner. Gosh I am thinking lots of things nowadays. I can’t believe this job is taking over my time and life. 

I have two journals to review and submit and deadline is today. I also have to make a transaction/payment for plane ticket within 24 hours after purchase. 

I am glad I have a cup of tea here to relax. “Thank you tea for your formula”. I need to inform my students about my travel next week. 

I am still reminiscing about my past experiences in the  country where I had my previous studies. I remember the good and the bad things. I am so happy have finished my studies there. I feel like there are still many more things I need to learn.

I do not feel like marrying yet. I have not even found the guy that I really really want to marry, and I like my independence and freedom to make decisions on my own. Ah How good it is to take control of your own life!

I do not want to spend so much time in social media today, cause it’s a distraction to me. 

I am waiting for the mall to open so that I can pay the plane ticket bills. 

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