On not disrespecting women

There is a poster on here who seems to think it’s okay to disrespected women.  Not only does he seem to find that acceptable, he also seems to think it’s perfectly okay to scream and swear at those who call him out on it. 

This is the kind of unfortunate and scary attitude that seems to end up translating into violence against women, and I do believe it must be stopped. 

I’m male, but just because I am doesn’t mean I agree in the least with him, nor on a public forum such as this should I let this go without comment.  I have done so, and I have invited him to educate me as to his true meanings with some of what he says.  I make mistakes myself, I may have simply misunderstood the sentiments behind his words.  Perhaps in some cases he was just venting, and that’s perfectly okay.  But even at that, the way we express ourselves needs to be considered so that it’s not inflammatory to others not involved, and doesn’t build up inside us to something far more ugly than a few angry words.

I have commented to him, if you wish to find his posts, comment to this and I will let you know.

I’ve seen a lot of writing on here that speaks to a better, deeper, closer emotional link from men towards the women in their lives, lets back it out a level or two and generalize that to men simply having a better, more respectful and supportive attitude toward women, and all others for that matter.

4 thoughts on “On not disrespecting women”

  1. Apparently not. At least, I know of no way of doing it. If so, I’m sure he would have blocked me.
    The only choice apparently is to make posts either public or private. And the only way to communicate is in comments (which are public of course, and unrestrained).

  2. Mmmm. Seems the owners of the site may want to consider a block feature for the future.

  3. Why, you want to block me? *laughs* I’m teasing … (I hope!)
    I know I comment perhaps far too much.
    It seems pretty loosy goosy here. All the advertising and junk posts. There and then most of that seems to get cleaned up at some point.

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