You are more …

You are more

you are more than a worker, you go above and beyond, you work extra hours, you make sure the task gets done, and you make sure it’s done right.

you are more than my friend, you are caring and compassionate. You ask how I slept, you ask how I’ve been, and I know you care about what I say. I know you care for me.

you are more than a friend to others, you do extra things for your friends to help them be happy. You cook meals for them, you make sure you’re there to support the things they do for others. You make sure they have a warm place to sleep if something happens.

you are more than a resident, you care about others in your community, and you do things to help them even though you may never have met them.

you are more than a wife, you are a good woman. You take care of him, make sure he has what he needs, you make sure he’s ready for his day.

you are more than a mother, you are a great mom. You care about your kids, you are always there for them, and you treat them like they are the most precious thing in the world, because to you they are.

you are more than a person, you are an amazing person. Anybody who knows you is fortunate indeed. Your love for life is clear, you make the world a better place.

you are more than a lady, you have style, intelligence, grace and an innocent and pure beauty that few others possess.

you are more than a person could ever ask for and need in life.

you are more.

5 thoughts on “You are more …”

  1. If only more people said these things to each other. The world would be such a better place.

  2. @MightyMommy thank you, I just wish the situation was a bit different, and my caring and feelings and support were all better directed. But at least there is somebody out there who does get that from me, which is better than nobody getting it. My apologies is this seems a bit cryptic.

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