The deepest hurt

I am becoming increasingly concerned that something awful is happening to your marriage.  I know he could not bring himself to physically hurt you any more, you are too pure.  Darling, I pray that I am wrong, and in so, humbly apologize for even saying this.  Because if it is so, I understand what it means to you, and how it will shake you and hurt all the way to your core.  It could never be you, not your fault, not your shortcoming.  you are the most worthy I’ve ever known.  I know how close to your beautiful, faultless heart you hold things, and hold him.  There is such passion in your feelings.  (you could never hide that from me).  But he, of all in the world, knows your love the deepest.
In all of me I hope I am wrong. 
you are enough, you are more.
I am here just for you.
Love, always.

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