Going Home

Good morning, everyone.

I’m currently sitting at the airport terminal drinking my starbucks, waiting to board my flight back to the states. I’m coming home to Colorado because my mom is having surgery and I want to be there to make sure she is taken care of and that also to help her out post surgery. It’s not major surgery, she is having knee surgery, but I still wouldn’t be able to sleep knowing I’m not with her, and I can’t live without my mom, so I’m coming home. 

I’m not sure how long I will stay, but I just want to take care of my mom. My love can’t join me because he’s working at his new job, but he might join me in Aspen in two or three weeks if I can’t come back to him before December. Because he is spending Christmas break with me and my family in Aspen, so he can’t take extra time off or anything like that that is not already a given, especially since he just started working. But, I know he’s doing better, and it fills my heart with happiness knowing he feels loved and is doing a lot better, he’s back to his normal happy self. 


I’m also trying to eat so I can get my drink on in the plane, especially because I fucking hate flying. :'( 

Wish me luck,


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