Need a plan.

I need to come up with a place to live a vehicle and phone.  And better job.  And I need it all ASAP.  I just do y know how to make it happen.  I’m trying so fucking hard and I’ve been so busy with court shit.  That was probably his plan.  That’s what he said last night.  Why I can’t see them.  Because o don’t have a place for them.  It is going to make all the difference in my case.   Fuck.   It’s all so overwhelming and I’m so far behind I don’t know if I’ll ever get there.   I just wish I had my own space.  I haven’t felt like I’ve had a place to go in so long now.  Ever since I moved from my home in Oklahoma.  Not having a place to belong. Or to feel safe and comfortable do you know what that can do to a person?   I have nothing but the “things” I brought back in his car.  Nothjng.  

One thought on “Need a plan.”

  1. You have potential, you have your love for your kids, you have fight left in you, you have your health, you are strong.
    Yes, many go to court simply to wear the other down, waste their time, waste their money. They “win” simply because they have more resources, not at all because they are right.
    You will get a place, you will move ahead. You will have a physical place for your kids to match the emotional place in your heart. Relax.
    Settle your mind and thoughts for a bit.
    Then set some goals, realistic ones. Something short term (like …. can I arrange a 3rd party place to spend some time with them) and a long term (like … where is a good place, is it possible to get there, and pick something that you feel you can make work). Then once you have some goals, start actually writing down what it will take to make them real.
    But start by just breathing, and trying to find a calmer, easier place in your mind.
    Nice easy breaths.
    You’ll get there.

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