Reach way down deep inside yourself, push the pain, the frustration, the upset, the anger aside.  I know you’re dealing with that, and I know it’s there all the time.  But look past it, just for now.  Find that buried little corner where something better is hiding.  It’s not me, not your little girl, not even love.  But the smallest little piece, that tiny ray of happiness.  It’s still there, it can never ever go away.

Lift up that little ray, and let it shine, let it be seen.  Let it sweep you upwards, let yourself feel that for a few precious moments.  Let the golden glow warm you, let it build, let it curl the edges of your perfect lips up, let it shine out of your beautiful bright eyes.  Let yourself beam with the most gorgeous smile anybody has ever seen.

Because that is you, that is who you really are.  That tiny little part, buried way down deep for now, that is the real you.  That is your essence, your power.  A happiness inside that nobody ever has the right or can take away from you. 

Smile, honey.

A pure and simple one.

you’ve always had the most breathtaking smile.

Think of dancing sharks …

And Smile.


P.S.  For the others, the dancing shark is a reference to a happy moment.

9 thoughts on “Smile”

  1. You really do see the best in people. I’m sure it’s as much a curse as a gift.

  2. Thank you. That is nice of you to say, and I truly appreciate it.
    Yes, it hurts sometimes (well, especially in this case, she is the one I have the most love for, and the little girl I speak of it btw is her persona), but I don’t think I see it as a curse. I know what you mean though. I feel there’s no point being mad at everybody all the time. I’m mad enough at a few select people most of the time anyway … so this is the balance perhaps. At least it feels better to feel for others than to let them ruin my day with frustration and stupidity.

  3. This is the second time I’ve read something of yours and wished a certain someone would write that way about me. Think that way… it’s lovely.

  4. Thank you, that’s a lovely sentiment. I truly appreciate hearing you say that.
    I am on the flip side, I wish I knew she could read the words and know I think that way of and for her.
    I hope someday soon that somebody does write of you that way. You do deserve it. Hey … don’t give up, okay? Never lose hope, never lose faith.

  5. @LostHurricane, I am glad you could take something from it.

  6. You’re a good person 🙂 I wish I was, too. Thank you for commenting on some of my entries sometimes, I appreciate it 🙂 <3 xxxx

  7. Where is a “love” button to click when you need one? Lol, I love this post 🙂

  8. @Rogue, you are too kind. And don’t be sure I’m that great a person. I just know who I love. *smiles* You are welcome for the comments.
    @NeverthelessShePersisted, thank you so much. I think you just pressed the “love” button. I’m glad you like this. I’m hoping at some point soon that you can find a nice reason to smile like this, I’m thinking you’ve got one inside you somewhere.

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