My mom’s surgery went very well. 
I  was so worried that I wouldn’t make it on time, there was a major flight delay. 
But thankfully I did arrive straight from the airport to the hospital on time. She is now recovering the hospital, but she will be coming home tonight. 

When I saw my dad yesterday I was a little worried he would get upset that I came so late, but he was just happy to see me. He told me he really missed me and was worried about me. I made sure to apologize to him yesterday at the hospital too. For not spending any time with them, sometimes I don’t realize how ungrateful I can be. I appreciate and love my parents, and I don’t stop and take the time to tell them that. So I understand why my dad felt kind of hurt that I left so quickly and hardly spent time with them. 

I didn’t leave to go on holiday, I didn’t take a vacation. I left because my boyfriend was completely depressed and I was so worried about him, so I had no choice, I love him so I had to be there for him. And now he’s doing a lot better, he knows he’s not alone and I love him and will take care of him. And now my mom needs me and I came running, and I just thank God I have my mother. Because I know how lonely Ayato feels without a family. 

But on a happier note, I missed my four doggos. Michael, the senior of the quartet, had hip surgery two months ago and is now doing great. He’s walking again thanks to his dog “wheel chair’ but they all love to sleep on my bed, and Michael is sad that he can’t climb up like he use to, so now I’m sleeping in a futon in the parlor room just so they can all cuddle with me at night, and Michael can come up and down comfortably. 

I’m making chicken noodle soup. Gonna go eat. 


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  1. That’s super of you to care for everyone. just remember to take care of YOU too! Enjoy that soup!

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