Coming to terms.

I know there’s feelings.  Actions speak louder than words.  

I fuckin know there is.  I feel them.  Not just mine. I feel them from you.  I’m sorry if your so deep in whatever that you can’t even see them.  Maybe it’s just denial. But I know there’s feelings there.  More than friends feelings.  Maybe it’s just your fear that’s holding them back from coming out but it doesn’t mean they aren’t there.  You’ve been telling me from the beginning why you shouldn’t or couldn’t or can’t and don’t.  So even if you do love me.  Or could how would you ever know? How would you ever be able to get past your fear?  I think your just choosing not to.  Your making the choice and that’s ok.  But I can still feel something.  I can still see it.  And I can see how much your controlling it and not letting anything be seen.  As far as feelings for me.  But I’m the one toying??? All I do is love you.  


I think the the hardest part is knowing you’ll realize what could’ve been one day.  

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