Long day, hot soup.

My mom’s surgery went well. She has been recovering at home for a week. She has a nurse and a physical therapist to assist her as well. I’m taking care of her, but she’s doing so much better than I thought she would. 

My dad is a bit sad that she isn’t well, but its sweet to see how much he loves and cares for her. 

It feels so great to be home. I missed Aspen, I love everything about this place. I should come home more often. I couldn’t remember how much I missed it until I came back, its crazy. 

My doggos are all doing great too. Especially Michael, I’ve been spending extra time with him, and he’s recovering nicely too. He likes to spend time with my mom in her bed. We spoil him by tending to him and mom together, since they’re both recovering after surgery. 

I miss my boyfriend. But I’m not returning to Japan any time soon. I want to take care of my mom. But he’s spending Christmas and New Years here in Aspen with me. I’m so fucking stoked. I miss him and love him. Its a bit scary because we do live sooo far away, but I love the man and I will make it work. We both will. He would visit me this week or next week but he can’t take any time off work because he just started. Plus, the whole zombie-slave-workforce that Japan has going on doesn’t help. But we talk every single day and we skype , Facetime, echat, all the time, that will do for now. We have also talked about our future, he always tells me that he wants to marry me and wants us to live in Japan. I love him, and I am definitely open to moving to Japan. 

But one of my best and oldest friends , Candace, just got engaged. I’m so happy for her. She is marrying her high school sweetheart, Cole. They’re an amazing and beautiful couple.  


On a more sombre note, I haven’t been able to visit Stacey’s grave. I’ve attempted to twice, but both times I wasn’t able to leave the car. I just drive up to the cemetery, then spend 2 hours collecting myself emotionally to have the courage to visit, but I never have the courage. I just can’t. I don’t want to see it, I don’t want to see her or her baby’s grave. Its hard for me to talk about her, so I think this is all I will say. 


I went shopping today, for a new winter wardrobe. 

My dad bought me some beautiful diamond and sapphire earrings today. Because tomorrow is my birthday. I am so thankful , I love my parents. 

Well thats all I have to say for tonight, I have some delicious tomato soup waiting for me. Goodnight. 

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