It was Tuesday at 10:54 AM and he was at work.  He was not planning on doing anything at all to benefit the company and instead read articles and daydreamed.  It was boring and also risky, as his mind always had been a labyrinth. 

He felt fear today.  Over the weekend he had done something so real, so hardcore, so killer. . . . he was rather nervous of the results.  He exposed his heart to one he loved and did so in such a raw, honest way.  It propelled him to a position of confidence, yet left him shockingly vulnerable.  Opening up oneself to someone, despite the chances of getting deeply wounded, is a profound thing and he tried to remember this as the clock ticked. 

He spoke often to his God and asked for him to care for the situation, these two men, who loved each other once.  He struggled to let the situation go completely, even though at times he felt cared for.  It was a difficult line to walk, with all the hopes and fears circulating in his head constantly.  The only solution he could surmise was to leave it all to G, and hope he himself could handle the outcome.

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