What’s Going On?

My parents have talked about divorcing.  They’ve been married since 1994.  Sometimes my Dad tells me frightening things that I didn’t want to know.  I know Mom is keeping secrets but I don’t want to push the issue with either of them.

I’m not sure what to think about the situation.  They seem to be doing okay, taking trips together and buying cool new stuff together (Where’s MY new motorcycle?  Why couldn’t we have a hot tub when I was growing up?) but every now and again Dad will call and tell me they still aren’t sure.  She told me a long time back that she had asked to leave while he was still drinking heavily.  But since then, he’s cleaned up a lot.  He quit drinking cold turkey.  He’s done so much for her – completely remodeled their upstairs bathroom, cleared the mess in the basement… I could go on.  But I’m not dumb or naieve.  I see both sides: He’s trying to make amends.  She thinks the damage is done.  But, they still sleep in the same bed (they didn’t used to for a while), and go on like nothing has changed.

I’m confused.  I hope that they’re working through their issues.  I just want things to be the way they were.

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