I wonder what goes through someone’s mind when they go above and beyond them selves to start drama. Especially over a Facebook status, that wasn’t directed toward whom they decided to send it to. Had it been the little girl I was referring to, yeah be my guest screen shot it, show her, bc I’m mad, bitter and hurt. Not a part of me gives a damn if she knows it.

This whole past year, I took her back ever damn two weeks she broke up with, even after the stupid excuses, knowing she had no idea what she wants in life or a relationship. I knew this last time Gabby came back she was only going to leave again in a matter of time, even though I agreed to uproot my whole life to leave state with her. I literally gave her and allowed her every part of me. Pretty sure, the only reason I am ok, is I really knew it was only a matter of time. Maybe a part of me hopes she comes back, but this time it’s… different. I am ok, I know I’m going to be ok, and someone will love me, and will appreciate all the things she wasn’t ready for. I’m not mad that she wasn’t ready, I’m mad she reeled me in and out for so long. Karma is karma, I except mine. 


Scooting back to the Facebook b.s….

i just don’t get what is the need for it, was it because you are friends with Carly and because she was the last person my Facebook shows I was in a relationship with? I mean… things can be deleted…. especially when you don’t want to be reminded of a year wasted….and back and forth heart break and begging to be loved. I deleted everything o could find on my Facebook of her. I just can’t…. I just want to keep pushing with the other great things in my life. 

I wish others would see that to. I’m not who I was last year or the year before, I’m doing nothing but trying to better my self every way I can. I wish I knew exactly who it was….because I have a funny feeling that person who tried to start shit, is the same person who came out the wood works and “check on me” because it’s been a while. Oh yeah? Wasn’t like that last time we crossed in the bar, she flat out ignored me because Carly and her boyfriend was there. Hm… it’s soooooooooo dumb.  

Off to bed, apparently I’ve picked up a cold and it’s kicking my ass. Night….. well good morning for most 

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