He said a prayer to encapsulate everything so all would be taken care of in an instant and cared for immediately.  He felt so many things today and desperately did not want them to knock him from his place, for the slightest gust could remove him from right thinking and toss him into the depths. 

Regardless of this, he did have a desire to punish and act out.  He could be a real bastard if he wanted, and let it be known that he did, in fact, want.  Yet. . . he resisted.  And why?  He was not entirely sure.  He thought it might be the fact that he had enough after the last few weeks of emotional beatings.  But that couldn’t be it, because he was a fighter and would always be so.  Maybe it was a fight in which he knew he would not win?  Surrender now, to win later?  It’s possible.  But in actuality the reason in which he resisted did not matter, the real triumph was ignoring his impulses to ruin people’s lives despite having the ammunition to do so.

And so our Jake Foster carried on with his afternoon crossword puzzle, sipping his water while holding on tightly to the tether of his sanity as it swung back and forth through the void.

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