I cannot wait for this horrible year to end. 
I feel like I’m not being fair right now, I know that there was a lot of good happening, but there was far worse that happened. And now this situation that happened to me last Sunday, its like the cherry on top of the shit year. 

Speaking of that idiot, after a lengthy conversation with my father, lawyer, and my boyfriend I’m definitely pressing charges. I also have surveillance video of the incident both at the coffee shop and outside an Italian deli’s security footage that has all of the altercation, thanks to my lawyer who is a mean son of a bitch. I’ve already managed to get him suspended from class for 2 weeks, which is just the beginning. I may not have all the ‘right’ connections in the engineering department, but Ayato does. He is going to fucking ruin his life. He might as well switch from engineering to art, because he is so fucked. Not only was my boyfriend the president but, served as vp for many clubs, and personally oversaw SHEP club (a major engineering branch of society clubs for los angeles and berkeley).  The dude is so fucked. He can kiss goodbye to any internships or any opportunities he could have had. I also told my friend what he did, so that people  could become aware, and now so many people know about him. That kid’s life is fucking over. Ayato, even an entire fucking ocean away, is going to ruin him. And when I confronted him about it too, he never once apologized. At first he acted stupid like if I was just talking shit, and then when I mentioned that I am pressing charges, and have surveillance video, he pretty much shit his pants. He has no fucking clue what’s in store for him. But again, not even once did he show remorse or apologize to me for putting his disgusting hands on me.  

Ugh,,,, I’m just so fucking over this year. 

The good thing about being burried in school work is that I don’t have enough time to worry or get worked up thinking about all of this. I’m literally waking up and studying, going to sleep dreaming about the material, etc. I’m been exercising a lot to help me deal with the stress though.

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend. I’m flying home to Colorado, just to fly to my dad’s family, in Connecticut. We are all going to my uncle’s in New Canaan, its a really beautiful costal town, all of my dad’s family is from there and its going to be really nice to spend time with my whole family. Well at least my dad’s family, my mom’s family resides in Louisiana. 

I wish my boyfriend could be here, but it really doesn’t mean much for him. So I’d rather him take time off work and fly back here and come spend Christmas with me in Colorado.

Anyway, hopefully everyone has a happy thanksgiving with their families. 


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  1. good for you!! hopefully will stop the dude from ever trying that on another! Will at least alert others to watch out for him. And hopefully make you feel better!

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