[410] ~*Sat – 12/01/18*~

[9:59 pm]

This inhaler has to work cause this is just so bad as I need to puke all day long and I can’t seem to be able to bring it up. I had to try puking at work again and it’s so embarrassing. My throat is full as I write and I just don’t want to go try cause I did earlier and nothing. This is just too much. I want this to STOP. I was doing so very well and feeling better. This is really affecting my breathing, I had a real hard time breathing at work this morning. 

Well, so much for that, I just had to run to the bathroom to puke up some mucus cause I just couldn’t breath anymore. Please oh please just make that the inhaler really works and that at least I have something to help me out.

Beside all this mucus situation, work was work and of course I ended up staying later and I would of actually stayed even longer but I had to leave as I wanted to stop to the dollar store before coming home and to BK to get some food. I just bought so much chocolate cause my husband is a big baby. I decided to give him a chocolate bar per day until Xmas instead of a lil calendar cause he’s just a BIG BABY. I left his first one in the car. Haha! Didn’t take him long to call me and talk about how he found a chocolate bar in the car. He’s such a baby. I will leave the other ones somewhere in the house as he has a week vacation and I won’t be able to leave them in the car for him to find all the time. I think I will have fun with it and never leave it at the same spot. Wonder how long it will take him to catch on that I leave him one every day.

I’m tired and like every week, I really don’t want to be working at the store tomorrow cause we have the cleaners and blah. I just can’t wait to be done there. Feels like I still have too many days left. I sorta want to quit RIGHT NOW but I’m too close to my Xmas bonus so I need to tough it out.

Well, I will be watching a show or two and catching up on my farming game. I don’t have to feed the suggies cause hub already has that done. So nice of him. He even put the dishes in the dishwasher.


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