Another chilly morning, the boyfriend was called in to work ,so plans are bust today,luckily  his boss called after we had sex. It’s the first day of December. Count down to christmas,my birthday and new years…. I am not ready for any of it!!!!

I remember  growing up and we didnt have much,my mom was a single mother her lived with her mother and we just made due. I learned at an early age not to expect much for christmas and I was happy about it, we bought the cheapest tree on the lot as soon as mom’s welfare check cleared and paid the rent . Merry Christmas!!! That’s all we needed , decorations weren’t fancy but it was homey and home made and ABC played the classic christmas shows on the telly and when  my mom was around the house I was in heaven. Now that I’m older I see everyone stressed out and unhappy (myself included) trying to out due each other and there wallets for the holidays, it’s not the same. Bake a damn cookie and be merry!!!!

Boyfriend told me last night his job is going to have a Christmas party. I had a unwinnie the pooh moment ” oh bother”  more on this later I have to shower and hit a few stores for the dreaded christmas shopping sales. Wish me luck!

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