hw: finished comp sci, only worked on comp sci, much other hw and studying left

sleep: bad

hope: good

friendship: supportive people from afar

mood: good

It’s 12:29 am. I finished the requirements of the computer science project. Half of the project is literally just me “cheating”, but like I’ve decided in the past, cheating is justified. But even if it’s justified, it doesn’t mean its good for me in the long term. Anyways, still have to do these list of things:

-extra credit for comp sci

-study for comp sci final

-watch math videos

-finish math take home quiz

-finish math hw

-study for math final

-study for last math quiz

-finish writing 10 pages of BS

The am predicting the issue will be with math, since all of math is pretty much BS, and if I don’t get the math videos, then I’ll have to make a decision: study what I already know or spend more time that may be pointless. Anyways, somehow I’ve been very consistent with getting work done every day, but I never get it all done. Still haven’t started Python. I will start it tomorrow no matter what. If I want to be self driven and not rely on college so much, I have to stick with my own goals.

P.S. Featured Image is from Webtoon’s Let’s Play

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