Todays featured image got me grounded for two weeks and Mandy grounded a month  

Had a great time with Mandy she wanted to just go explore and take pictures so we took the gator and headed out she is not a great driver as I learned but it was fun. We left out about 9 am and went to the caves then the canyons and just explored I showed Mandy the Native American drawings in the caves and my favorite spots on the ranch well some of them I have a lot of them. Then we came across to days featured image and watched him a while we stayed in the gator with the doors closed but according to dad and Mandy’s parents, it was not a good ideal so we get to be grounded for a while. But O well they  are mad over the next featured image so I will use it for Monday Then I may stop doing the featured image awhile not sure but I may anyway that was my Saturday

                           And just so you know this is the best Candy bar ever mad

13 thoughts on “12/02/2018”

  1. Now I want this bar 🙁 ,amazing shot!
    And yep,that was a bit silly!!

  2. Don’t ever stop doing FM please,they are beautiful

  3. Haha I meant,the shot of tiger is amazing, or is that a Jaguar?
    And did the shot of candy bar get u grounded haha

  4. Give that candy bar to ur sister, that’s ME Hehe

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