Adella – The Hunter’s Dream

I was thinking about the Hunter’s Dream, how peaceful it was most times I was there. Death was not so bad, knowing I would return there to rest. Gehrman was not much for company, but we talked of hunts, of beasts, and sometimes of things like… how peaceful the Dream was, the beauty of the flowers. I regret that I did not know sooner what he was suffering through, being bound there.

The Doll, too, I exchanged words with often. She was… so close to being human, perhaps more than I myself even. I adored her. Told her stories of the Night upon her request. I taught her to dance, too. And then were the messengers. They were…. cute, once you had gotten used to them. They collected shiny things, ribbons, colorful old bottles–they reminded me a lot of children. So, I would often bring them whatever baubles I could find, as well.

Yharnam was never my home, so perhaps that is why I do not really miss it. But, to visit the Dream again… would certainly not be unwelcome.

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