Inside my head…

So things have been better since we move into our new house. We’re all happy! =) Butttt…Terrell & I got into a fight last night bc he said something that I did not like! I rage when my feelings get hurt, I protect my heart & feelings like you would not believe bc I have have built up this wall all of these yrs bc of shit that’s happened to me. I don’t mean for that to happen, but I just can’t overlook certain things when shit happens! I know that he didn’t mean to make me feel small, but he did & I really feel like I’ve shut down right now, like a turtle that retreats to it’s shell. Anyways, John is moving in w/us until he can get his life figured out & get things strait. I like John now, he’s like family, but we didn’t like each other at first lol. It’s crazy how shit turns out. None the less, I will be ok, but I will be taking a look at things & working on self improvements. Terrell did apologize & poured his heart out to me, but for now I have retreated to my shell. Relationships are hard sometimes, but we love one another & this will be our very first christmas together & Feb 26th is our one yr anniversary =) Love…man, it can really mess w/your heart & head, but it’s worth it if you are really in love! You can love somebody & not be in love, but that’s not what we have, we have something special & we can make things better & work it out. =) Until next time =)

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  1. Hi and I agree relationships are in a very hard one.been in it for three years.and lord you would not believe the struggles we have went thru.You see right from get go this relationship has been a struggle.he is one of them out of the box thinkers and not a social person he doesn’t like to many folks this includes family.seems he has treated every woman the same way.i keep sayin if you want it to work out you have to stop treating every woman like the others cause we are all different even if we seem all alike.hes been in five other relationships and married twice.seems to me he would figure out that obviously hes doin something wrong if his relationships are not working out.i would go into full details but then I would feel up this whole page..haha 😉 anyways my point it,if we are goin to make our relationship work then I guess we have to be the ones who put in more effort to understand why they are the way they are.although that’s not really the thing we should except but men just change are even try any harder its like we are the ones who try harder.cause we love deeper and we just wanna be loved so badly that we are willing to tolerate almost anything.i hope things improve in your relationship. and yes we protect our hearts and throw up that wall cause we have been hurt before but truth be said that wall is not invincible and nomatter how high that wall may be,in the end we end up being hurt anyways.good luck to you and yours..i knowim blabbing on and you probally got lost inmy blabber haha but I just want you to know your not alone in your struggles..things will get better if they already have sense you moved into your place.

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