xmas prep

The kids were begging me to get the xmas stuff down this weekend. I always tell them there is no xmas until after my B-day. My bday is Dec 1st so on the 2nd they were ready to go. lol

I told them as long as they got everything cleaned up that we could get everything down. 

They did. 

Mostly my 8 year old son got it done. He’s a go getter and he got his sisters moving. Then, what ever they didn’t finish in a timely fashion he would just do. That kid is amazing!

By the time I got back from the grocery store they had everything done. They put all the groceries away and then I made them all BLTs for lunch. (Son’s request)

Now it’s like xmas threw up all over my house. 

Lights and tinsel everywhere. I put the tree up and let the kids go crazy decorating. I left my Flying Spaghetti Monster off this year. All my decorations and lights I packed up and put aside, ready for the move. The kids asked about a few things but didn’t get bent out of shape when I told them we’d put them up next year at the new place. 

My 8 year old had a brief moment when we found grandma’s stocking. Grandma passed away back in March and he was very close to her. He didn’t cry when we found it, but he did pause briefly and then ask if he could have it. Of course I said yes. I know he misses her.

I know this holiday season is going to be hard on everyone. Jerry lost his eldest son last year 3 2 days before xmas to an OD. Then Debbie died in March. 2018 really did start out rough. Jerry has already said he doesn’t want to do a big family thing here for xmas like we did for Thanksgiving. I think a lot of it is because he’s grieving. 

He didn’t do so well at Thanksgiving. He cooked a lot. But he also spent a lot of time alone. I think a lot of it was sadness. Missing Debbi. Missing his son. I can only imagine how xmas will be for him. 🙁



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