Featured image was the other reason we are grounded 

School was school still at odds with the principle but she just doesn’t talk to me which I’m good with. 

Remember the window I broke on the John Deere well dad broke the same window he had a lot of excuses of how it happens it’s funny when I broke that window I was told there were no excuses I just broke it. I wanted to say something but since I’m already grounded didn’t want to make it worse he was in a bad mood and was already lecturing me on being a dumb teenager over the pictures so I just help clean  the glass up and went and started mixing feed 

speed it up to save time it was about a 1/2 video. Then home for dinner and homework  so another day in my boring life 

46 thoughts on “12/03/2018”

  1. You asked for a punishment by taking that DANGEROUS pic,I mean,you are 13 and going near bears,that’s crazy
    I’m grounding you too ,now you are DOUBLE grounded,enjoy the doom!!!
    Don’t ever do this again lil boy haha
    And when parents make a mistake,its not called mistake,its called accident or stuff :)))

  2. I’m gonna state my grounding riles for you:
    1. No having any candy bar
    2. Doing he on bus
    3. Going to sleep early
    4. No saying “haha” hahha
    Both were dangerous, which mean u need a quadruple grounding, hmm
    Note: rule 4 is not to be enforced ,its just to add number

  3. I was in a hurry to tell a lil boy about the grounding rules
    Whatever, it was dangerous. If a parent says that,there’s no arguing to that,got it,eh

  4. nobody ate me and I lived Mandy’s mom is not happy at all I can’t repeat what she said her dad said kids do stupid things and he did a lot worse
    and as for #3 then I can’t talk to you cause you never around early so does that mean I have to stop talking now

  5. I once missed my stop cuz I was sleeping on bus in school days hahaha
    All my friends laughed at me and then when I forgot my school bag on the bus cuz I was so sleepy haha

  6. Haha you got it the next day?
    Can u believe my friend was running after me with my bag like “hey hey,take this bag! “, God, it was a scene haha

  7. Wash them,
    Wet ur socks
    put a few drops of liquid detergent
    Rub them together I’m ur hands for 2 mins
    Rinse them and drain the water
    Lay them out
    They’ll be dry in the morning

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