journey begins

I always try to restart always a fresh day try to cut off old days and a lot of time it gives me energy and I am successful at times. This time 2019 will be a new life totally changed in terms of goals money and relationship.

This December is a rehearsal for the next year.  First, two days were normally good. I am still angry with food. Is it food not really its the food of J’s home. That house is not home for me officially. I am a guest there so my heart does not belong there. I want to eat good food but my heart doesn’t want to. Yesterday I had a beer alone and I felt good and no one was there to judge me and I was able to write better in my Instagram posts. It makes my heart free. Also, I  will not have it on my own more than a day in a week. Let’s see it’s not hard and fast. Trying to avoid junk. I am really looking forward for more money and travel and happy relationships with the universe.


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