day sixty three

We had lunch with my grandparents yesterday, because it is my birthday this week and they will not be able to visit me on the day. I do not really get birthdays. Yeah, it is supposed to be a special day for you, but I never felt anything like that. I do not like parties, so I rarely have one for my birthday. Usually, I would just have a dinner with my friends, or I would not do anything at all. The case with family celebration is the same, only my grandparents and maybe some other close family members would visit me in the afternoon and that is it. Last year, however, was an exception. I was 18 – this is an important age in my country as you can buy alcohol, get driving license, vote, etc. and it is a tradition to organize a party for your whole family. I, of course did not want to do it. There were two reasons for it, firstly, I am not very close with my family, except my parents and grandparents. I only talk with my cousins, aunts, uncles an others on this kind of family events, so inviting all of them to the party felt like inviting a bunch of strangers. And secondly, I do not like being in the center of attention. Celebrating your birthday means you have all the attention, that is something I did not want. Eventually my parents made me have a party. I hated it, but I guess it was one of those things you just have to go through. I do not plan to have a party this year although, I might invite my friends out for a drink or maybe dinner. Not so much because It is my birthday, but more because I have not seen them in two months.

There was also the second round of mayor elections yesterday. I did not expect my candidate to win, but somehow he did it. And the football team I support (Arsenal) won their match. I only mentioned this because it was a derby against their biggest rivals and winning against them always feels special.

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