December 3, 2018

Have had a lot happen since I last wrote. We went out downtown to bar hop for my boyfriends birthday. I drank way too much and didn’t feel so great the next day. The silver lining was that I didn’t throw up or get a migraine. It was fun but our friend Alex (who no one likes but we tolerate) was being super obnoxious the whole time and saying racial slurs to my boyfriend as a ‘joke’, except it wasn’t funny at all. He just doesn’t know how to shut the hell up and I am pretty sure he has narsacistic personality disorder. Next time I see him I am going to have a talk with him. Its going to be really uncomfortable but I have reached my boiling point and there is no going back after that. I don’t tolerate others being mean to the people I love. Not even a little bit.

I woke up with a nasty cold and feeling like death today. Took some vitamin D, colostrum, monolaurin and cold medicine. It helped significantly and I probably got sick because I forgot to take one of my meds this week, LDN, which boosts the immune system. I probably should be home right now because I have only gotten like 10 hours of sleep in the past few days and its hitting me now. Luis said he would get me starbucks if I went to class with him and apparently thats where my priorities are at now. I seriously have to rest soon or else I know I will suffer the consequences. 

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