Im lost.

Each day i feel lost. I wake and find no pathway to anywhere. I have no direction.

I sit here and ponder my entire life and every time I finish, im left with nothing.

I dont know what to do. People say pray, but dont explain how or why.

Where do i go from here.  Everyone lies to me, and now im finding that I am lying to myself.




One thought on “Lost”

  1. Hello there ,

    Lost is a feeling I have felt a lot – feel a lot. I don’t think it’s the feeling lost that bothers as much as the feelings we feel towards the feeling of being lost. If that makes sense. I think slowly being okay with the lost feeling is freeing. We are not born with a map that pin points our destination, and that is okay. That is how I have been looking at it lately and it’s helping.


    As far as prayer – a mantra helps – or just reciting the things that you are thankful for daily. I do this too, and it helps put things into perspective and calm the overactive mind.

    Thank you for sharing.

    I hope today is an easier one for you.

    *~Tons of positive vibes~ *

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