Nobody said it would be easy….

I just wanna write something bout relationships and how theres no book on perfecting them.My mother never taught me bout them and how hard they truly are.Yes theres books about relationship from how to make him love you and so on.Firstly you can’t make anyone love you.If it don’t come easy you better let it go.So they say.Love is never about looks nor is it bout material possesions are money.but it does seem like it at times.I think in my own unprofessional opinion the world of relationships has become more about what can you do for me and etc.It is about compromise and respect, and also about understanding and so on.These days we are so self involved but it should not be.It should be bout how you both feel.Nomatter what it is about.You have to have communication are you have nothing,and trust is almost a number one must.Otherwise why be with someone you cant are don’t trust.Communication is almost number one in my have ot be able to talk without fighting are bickering bout it.You have to try and understand each other.And cheating is out of the question.if one of you flirts and cheats then its not love.That to me is the lowest form of disrespect..You have to have a middle no expert on relationships at all.But to me when your in a relationship,you have to be as one.Rather it be with family are kids.I may not have any answers to a good relationship.but I do know what causes issues in one.Lack of respect is one.cheating,never agreeing on anything.and no communication.Heres a big have to keep the fire burning in the bedroom and also do fun stuff together are it will die out.Relationships have a flame that can either slowly burn out are completely burn out in no time.And if you don’t take out the time for each other,you will be two lost souls swimming in oposites directions and eventually drifting apart until the feelings are completely dead.Another thing bout relationships that make them die and this one could make it die quickly exes.You have to leave the past where it lays,otherwise it will contaminate your relationship.You cant bring your baggage from previous relations to your new relationship,Cause it will make it fizzle out and then cause resentment.Never get involved if your not completely ready for a new one.If that past still lingers on in your mind and in your thoughts everyday.Take a match and burn that past life ,and except that life doesn’t exist anymore.Sure there will always be a certain place buried in your heart for that life,but you need to allow it to be buried deep.Otherwise you wont be able to be completely happy with your new relationship.and you will destroy anything that could make you happy in your new one! You cant treat everyone you get with the same.You have to learn that we all are different and want different things out of the relationship,What the last person wanted is not what the next one wants.Get out of your routine of the same ol same ol! It doesn’t work.Mainly cause we all have different personalitys and have different needs and wants.And if your goin thru several split up with different ones then maybe theres something you need to change.Relationships are not easy and you have to build a solid foundation right from the get go,Are else it wont work.and you wont have nothin but chaos.when your a partner you stand by your partner 100 percent theres no 50 here and 100 there.That doesn’t work.If there conflict with a ex you need to stand by the one your with the one you say you love.not the one you used to love,Unless you still love that person.If that’s the case then maybe your not with the right person. just some advice to those that may need it…Im no expert on the matter,but I know what ive gone thru and go thru..

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