The White Gardenia

The picture is a pic of my mother! i dedicate this story to my mother whom was my best friend and mom 29 years.I love you and miss you terribly.

The story is not directly bout me and my mother but it is something that she would say and do 😉 

Wheni was 17 ,A boy broke my heart.The night he called for one last time,I cried and cried.I even cried myself to sleep.When I awoke the next morning,there was a message scribbled on my mirror in red lipstick: “Heartily know,when half gods go,the gods arrive. “I thought about that quotation from Emerson for a long time, and I left it where my mother had written it until my heart healed. When I finally went for the glass cleaner, My mother knew that everything was alright again.

But there was some hurts my mother couldn’t heal. A month before my high school graduation, my father passed away suddenly from a heart attack. My feelings ranged from simple grief to abandonment and to madness, and fear and everything you feel thru the stages of grief. I felt abandoned by my dad ,he missed my graduation and all the events takin place at that time.I became uninterested in all the events and even my graduation I was uninterested in.Everything from prom to even my plans for college. My mother in the midst of her own grief, Wouldn’t wouldn’t hear of me missing out on any of the special events takin place.The day before my father died, She and I had gone shopping for a prom dress and had found a spectacular one-yards and yars of dotted swiss in red, white and blue. Wearing it made me feel like Scarlet Ohara. But it was the wrong size, and when my father died the next day, I forgot all about the dress.My mother didn’t. The day before prom, I found that dress waiting for me—in the right size.It was draped majestically over in the the living room sofa, presented to me artistically and lovingly. I may not have cared about having a new dress,but my mother did. She cared how we children felt about ourselves, She imbued us with a sense of magic in the world, And she gave us the ability to see beauty even in the face of adversity. In truth, My mother wanted her children to see them selves much like the gardenia——-lovely,strong,perfect,with the aura of magic. and perhaps a bit of mystery.


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